We carry a range of new & pre-owned reconditioned original manufacturer DPF filters for 99% of vehicles. All units have been tested and come with our 12 month re-clean guarantee.



Ricky Brace | DPF Cleaning Express

Ricky Brace

Ricky is a dab hand when it comes to performing skilled performance remapping services, and has done more than his fair share during his 14 years as a trained auto technician. Ricky can give expert advice on how performance upgrades or engine remapping would best suit your individual requirements.

Ross Brace | DPF Cleaning Express

Ross Brace

Ross knows all there is to know about diesel particulate filters, and has well over a decade of experience in professionally servicing cars. He is known for being one of the best hands at car tuning in Sheffield, and has a strong passion for high-specification performance upgrades for all types of cars.