Benefits of DPF Flash Cleaning

What is DPF Flash Cleaning?

DPF flash cleaning is an innovative new method of cleaning soot from your diesel particulate filter and removing blockages. So what’s so innovative about it? Flash cleaning is the fastest and easiest method of DPF cleaning that uses nothing but water to remove blockages. No chemicals, no excessive heat, just water. Using high pressure jets, the flash cleaner will surge water through your filter, cutting away all diesel particulate matter using nothing but the force of the water. So aside from how simple the process is, what sets it apart from other methods of DPF cleaning, such as heat or chemical treatments? 

It’s Fast, Easy & Cheap.

DPF flash cleaning is easier and faster than other methods of DPF cleaning. The flash cleaner machine contains a pressurised container where the filter is placed and sprayed with high pressure water jets, blasting away all soot and diesel residual materials. The ease of this process, combined with the fact that no expensive chemicals are involved allows flash cleaning to be priced more affordably than heat treatment or chemical cleaning.

No Potentially Damaging Processes.

The flash cleaning solution contains no potentially damaging substances whatsoever. This should be a given, right? As it happens, some of the more archaic DPF cleaning methods utilise chemicals that can damage the noble metals that are used in the walls of the filter. Alongside this, heat treatment can cause the metals to melt and malform due to the thermal shock involved with the forced heating of the DPF, and therefore can cause more damage to your filter than good. Flash cleaning avoids all of this by using a water based cleaning solution that relies on water pressure to clear the blockage rather than chemicals or heat.

Thorough & Pure Cleaning.

Don’t let the safety and simplicity of flash cleaning fool you, the pressure that the flash cleaner machine creates is more than enough to remove all traces of soot and residue from your DPF, including PM10 and oil residuals. The water jets cut through the diesel residue like a knife, thoroughly removing all traces of particulate matter and blockages. This leaves the filter with no risk of damage, unlike heat treatment or chemical additive cleaning.

The Most Versatile Method Available.

The flash cleaning method provides a versatile DPF cleaning option, suitable for all types of vehicle from HGV’s, commercial vans, catalysts, Euro 6 and SCR’s. This comes from the design of the flash cleaner machine, as the in-built software allows for different pressure configurations and jet patterns, allowing it to adapt to any type of DPF or catalyst. 

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So all in all, DPF flash cleaning is easier, cheaper, faster, more effective and completely risk free when compared to all other methods of DPF cleaning. Here at DPF Cleaning Express, we provide this service for drivers all over the UK from our base in Sheffield. If you’re not in the area, you can ship your filter to us, we’ll clean it and get it sent back via express delivery. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time, so if you’re interested in saving money, time and stress when cleaning your DPF, get in touch with our team today for more information on our services.

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