How frequently should you clean a DPF filter?

If you drive a vehicle with a diesel engine, chances are you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of every mechanism of your car, van or truck’s engine. 

Most diesel drivers aren’t even aware of what a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is, nevermind that it requires thorough cleaning to ensure that your vehicle maintains good health.

Just like servicing your vehicle to keep it running as efficiently as possible, you should make sure you take care of your DPF filter to ensure it’s longevity.

How does a DPF filter work?

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), more commonly referred to as a soot trap, is part of a diesel car’s exhaust system that is responsible for filtering and capturing soot from a car’s exhaust emissions. 

Over time, the filter gradually catches soot and other dirt particles and stores them inside the filter. 

As the DPF filter stores this soot and dirt it will slowly clog up before being expelled by the filter. The filter heats up any built-up residue, turns it to ash and then ejects it usually. This usually happens when your car is going at high speeds when your exhaust is at its hottest, every 300 miles or so.

Over time as your DPF sees more use, the part will begin to clog up with excess residue, oils, and cerium that isn’t ejected with the rest of the captured dirt.

How often should you clean a DPF filter?

Typically to keep your DPF working at it’s most efficient and reduce the risk of harmful materials getting into your engine, we recommend cleaning it every 6-9 months.

We provide a hassle-free flash cleaning service that removes any harmful residue and keeps the DPF safe. The service is fast, cheap, and can be used on any car model unlike other procedures such as heat treatment of chemical additives.

Risks of driving around with a blocked DPF filter?

Ignoring a long-term build-up of soot and dirt clogging your car’s DPF filter can result in damage that leading to it needing to be replaced, which can cost around £1000. 

If a car’s DPF filter is clogged up and isn’t functioning efficiently, this can lead to further dirt build-up in your car’s engine. This can lead to an increased rate of wear and tear and long-term damage.

How do I know my DPF filter needs cleaning?

Keeping track of every mechanism of your car’s engine when you’re not sure what to look for can feel like an impossible task. We’d recommend learning about these simple signs that could be an indicator that your DPF filter is blocked and due to be cleaned or regenerated:

  • You feel a loss of power in your engine
  • The DPF light appears
  • A strong smell of diesel while driving
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • An increase in the oil level 
  • Automatic stop-start systems not working
  • Your care is releasing an excessive amount of exhaust smoke

We covered this subject in more detail here

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If you are still unsure about the condition of your DPF filter, contact us. Our friendly technicians are on hand to help advise you on the best course of action and are here to make sure your car stays running.

As well as providing a quick, cheap and convenient DPF cleaning service, we also supply and fit a wide range of DPF filters that fit any diesel vehicle.

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